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        The understanding of what makes an expert clinician, leader, or practitioner in any field has been integral in developing preceptor roles in health care that helps impart this experiential knowledge to those new to their roles and organizations. The new employee, new graduate, and anyone transitioning to new roles  make hundreds of complex decisions each day. It is impossible to teach the myriad circumstances and conditions they might face daily in a classroom setting or even in a clinical simulation, for example. The expert in any discipline or role generally has a solid technical foundation and the critical thinking skills to adapt to the unique condition of each situation. Nurses and pharmacists currently lead the industry in developing preceptors in health care and establishing standards for the specialty of preceptoring used in onboarding, internships, and residencies.

        Preceptors help new employees, students and new graduates, and individuals moving into new roles and responsibilities deal with the uncertainty of their new practice and work settings inherent to gaining proficiency. Ultimately, most disciplines, i.e., nursing, pharmacy, and medicine, are taught in an apprenticeship system, and the preceptor role of the "guide at the side" is critical to moving from novice to expert. Imparting knowledge gained by years of experience can be difficult and frustrating for both preceptor and preceptee. The stories from the field shared here offer ideas, lessons learned, tips, tools, and networking opportunities for preceptors at every level of expertise.