Karin Ameri

Karin Ameri's Story: An Outstanding Preceptor is Nominated Preceptor of the Year

Written by: Alielkis Mendez

        There are countless attributes that make Karin Ameri a perfect candidate for the Preceptor of the Year award. When I first met Karin, she made it very clear that she would do everything possible to teach and guide me in the right direction. With unsurpassed kindness and patience, she took me under her wing and shared her vast knowledge and expertise in a supportive, nurturing manner. In a new environment full of new challenges, I felt supported, protected, and cared for. She introduced me to other team members and made me feel like part of the team from day one. Karin took time to get to know me and my learning needs, and provided instruction in a calm, non-judgmental environment. She was always on the lookout for learning opportunities, and I felt her strong support every step of the way. There was never downtime for us: when not directly providing patient care or reviewing case scenarios, we were immersed in studying unit-specific forms, policies, and protocols. 

        Karin is an outstanding educator. She constantly made me think outside the box, quizzed me, and carried out discussions related to patients’ diagnoses and plans of care. I never felt threatened, or afraid to ask a question, as Karin made it clear that it was okay to ask, to say "I don't know", and to be inquisitive. I felt that she was genuinely interested in my progress. Karin worked relentlessly to help reinforce concepts, policies, and procedures. She took my learning seriously, and made both of us accountable for my progress. 

        As a role model, this exceptional nurse helped me to see beyond a diagnosis by critically thinking to see the bigger picture. I observed her treat patients humanely and holistically, taking into account their cultural, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. She also taught me to practice in a cost effective, safe manner. Karin is clearly and undoubtedly very proud to be a part of Baptist Health South Florida, and her commitment to excellence and to the organization is evident. Karin is actively involved in the Unit Practice Council (UPC) and is preparing for her Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) exam. She has inspired me to pursue additional educational opportunities and to become more engaged and involved through participation in committees and task forces. 

        As a patient’s advocate, Karin truly shines. She shows empathy for her patients, and strives to provide care, teaching, and resources in the patients’ best interest. I feel fortunate and blessed to have been oriented to the unit and to emergency nursing by Karin. She has made a tremendous impact on me, and has helped reinforce my vision and philosophy of nursing. Loved and respected by her patients and peers, Karin is always willing to lend a helping hand. During a code or patient critical deterioration, and after ensuring the safety of her patients, Karin is the first to run to help her fellow nurses. 

        Furthermore, Karin’s thoughtful and compassionate attitude has eased my transition from student nurse to registered nurse. By the same token, she continuously taught me that nursing is a journey of lifelong learning. She has empowered me to learn and to always ask questions and seek answers in a humble but assertive manner. In addition, she helped me work on my time management skills, which was a dusty area during the early and middle phase of my orientation. Although I in no way consider myself an expert, I know that much of what I have learned in the last few months can be attributed to Karin’s help and support.

        Although now on separate shifts, I look forward to seeing Karin in the morning and telling her about my night. I miss working with her, but feel lucky to have been shown the ropes by such a caring, patient, and dedicated professional. Karin’s love of nursing is genuine and transparent. It can be witnessed through her daily work, her interactions with her peers, and her commitment to nursing excellence. It is with great honor and pleasure that I submit this nomination for Karin Ameri as preceptor of the year. She will be an outstanding preceptor to other new emergency nurses. I feel her arduous labor should be recognized and celebrated.