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 Core Curriculum for Preceptor Advancement: Preceptor Specialty Development.

Click here or on the book cover to order your copy. Core has been reviewed by experts from multiple arenas of service. It is a ground-breaking work in preceptor specialty practice development and advancement for preceptors in every field of learning,clinical and administrative setting, and community of practice.

This is an essential text for building consistency in preceptor education and training towards preceptor specialty practice and certification. It provides information, strategies,tools and learning activities needed to guide organizations accurately and effectively through preceptor development and process standardization for successful on boarding, competency verification, and transitions of preceptees to service and practice.

Featured topics include:

A provision for preceptoring

Foundational preceptor concepts, theories, models, and competencies

Relationships,responsibilities, and account abilities of team members

Communication processes and ethical considerations that value diversity

Conflict management, reality shock, and mitigating learning defense mechanisms

Learning needs, plans, applied adult learning principles, feedback and evaluation

Population and situation specific preceptoring

Use of simulation in preceptoring

Preceptorself-care and renewal

Preceptors are constantly developing, evolving, and maturing. This text provides a foundation for developing and advancing preceptors beyond the informal “other duties as assigned” role and moving them into formal academic and professional development, recognition, and preparation for certification as Preceptor Specialists.


Do you have your copy of the 2014 EXPANDED Scope and Standards of Practice for Preceptor Advancement? If not, click here!

The authors (and many of the reviewers) were among the first to recognize the specialty practice of preceptoring and the need for standardization, recognition, and certification for preceptor advancement in education, health care, staff development, administration, leadership, and wherever else preceptors serve. From their vision and commitment to building preceptor advancement through certification, the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA) was established. AAPA partners with preceptors who seek recognition and specialty certification through nationally and internationally accepted standards of practice to positively impact the many complexities and challenges within the workplace, from the executive suite to the multifaceted points of service within diverse work settings. The authors and reviewers come from many backgrounds and are thought leaders in their respective fields,as well as in preceptoring. This work is a celebration of the often unseen contributions and unique specializations of Preceptors everywhere.