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AAPA is the only organization dedicated uniquely to advancing preceptors through certifications and the growing development of your skills, competency,and practice in this specialty practice. As such, we eagerly join you in making the most of your membership and positioning yourself for success.

How AAPA is Helping Members Build Practices and Services

Through our various communities of practice and service AAPA is able to connect you to multiple social networks and subject matter experts (SMEs) in preceptoring. AAPA advances preceptor development through certification and recognition by providing members’ benefits such as:

  • Stories from the Field written by experienced preceptors and subject matter experts (What's YOUR story?)
  • Speaking and consulting opportunities for SMEs accepted into AAPA’s Community Exchange (in development)
  • Access to experts in preceptoring to mentor candidates in portfolio development for certification (in development)
  • Special rates on AAPA’s convention registrations, portfolio-building workshops, and programs
  • Invitation to participate in the Preceptors’ Roundtable during conventions and workshops 
  • Access to members-only resources with related offers by approved and endorsed vendors
  • Multiple opportunities to earn continuing education contact hours through various AAPA partners
  • Special rates for members on AAPA certifications (portfolio-based certifications)

NEWS! If you missed it before, the next Preceptor Focused CE Series is available!

Relias' Nursing Preceptor Specialty Practice Focused CE Series offers a customized learning experience to gain insight and practical knowledge on getting the most out of your preceptoring experience.


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28.7 contact hours

This exciting new series offers studies on topics that include boundaries between preceptor and preceptee, critical thinking, time-management,evaluation of competency, goal-writing, constructive feedback, patient/family engagement, HCAHPS, NDNQI and more! Whether you are a preceptor seeking to improve your effectiveness or a preceptee trying to increase your knowledge,this series provides the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, gain confidence, and ensure that you are prepared for success. Complete the series and earn 28.7 contact hours and a certificate of completion.

Begin or continue fulfilling your requirements for Preceptor Specialist certification with the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement, who is proud to endorse this course. 

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Share Your Stories!

Checkout our Stories from the Field. We are proud to share new ones with you as they come to us. What is YOUR story? Let us help you tell it to others in the field of preceptoring. Be sure to include contact information if you want our visitors to learn more.

Contact us today for details!

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