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Introducing BadgeCerts to AAPA Members and Certificants!


We know how hard you work to enhance your professional, academic, and clinical preceptor competencies. Whether it is as a member of the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA) or as a Preceptor Specialist, you are taking strides to excel in your preceptor specialty practice wherever you serve. AAPA has partnered with BadgeCert™ to ensure you are recognized for your accomplishments in a way to allow you to fully showcase your ongoing professional commitment to yourself and to those you preceptor. Together we are providing you a way to share your authenticated certification and verified credentials and experiences in a secure electronic format. Microcredentials for each category: education, presentations, publications, preceptorships, and service are available for a nominal fee. There are no additional fees for certification and membership badges.

We are now issuing all of our members, applicants, and certificants BadgeCerts (digital badges) to recognize your AAPA membership, microcredentials earned when criteria for each category required for certification is completed, and certifications achieved. BadgeCerts are portable digital icons that verify your professional credentials. They are unique in that they are embedded with qualifying information, or metadata, that helps earners maintain a digital record of achievements and professional activities. Moreover, BadgeCerts are stored in a universal cloud-based portfolio, easily accessible and shared with others, e.g., employers, licensing boards, associations, and placed on digital resumes or CVs, email signatures, or social networks.

         Once you complete a category and earn a microcredential, achieve a certification, or become an AAPA member, a digital badge can be issued and an e-portfolio established for you. Certification and membership badges will be issued automatically. If you would also like to collect microcredentials, contact AAPA and identify those you would like to have added to your e-portfolio. An email with a link to your BadgeCert portfolio will be sent to you. It will include directions on how you can receive your badges, collect microcredentials, and share your badges with others.