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 What is a Competency-Based Preceptor Certification Portfolio? 

The competency-based Preceptor Certification Portfolio (PCP) is a collection of materials (artifacts) you create or collect as you grow in your Preceptor Specialist roles and accountabilities. Your PCP includes information and examples of your education, experiences, and teaching and preceptoring activities relevant to demonstrating your mastery of preceptoring at one of three Preceptor Certification Levels: Level 1 Basic Green, Level 2 Intermediate Blue, or Level 3 Advanced Gold. Download and review the Preceptor Certification Handbook (click on the link). 

PROCESS: Once you know your level of expertise in preceptor specialty practice, select and download your application (below), fill in each of the fields, scan your document(s), and email your completed application to

Level 1 Basic Green                  Download the Green Application Now

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Level 3 Advanced Gold             Download the Gold Application Now  

Items of evidence (artifacts) of competency and proficiency are not limited solely to preceptoring done in an academic or work setting, in a program, during orientation, or in transitioning an employee to a new role, for example. Certification based on a PCP is evidence of competence and proficiency in the specialization of preceptoring, not how or where you developed it. Simple completion of a course or recitation of information alone is not a strong enough evidence of mastery for certification. Portfolio development and evidences of mastery of core competencies in preceptoring provide a more complete competency assessment of achievement for certification at each Level of advancement.

Check out our RESOURCES page for more information and additional support materials for certifications: 

  • Scope and Standards of Practice for Preceptor Advancement
  • Core Curriculum for Preceptor Advancement


Download the Preceptor Certification Handbook

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