Preceptor Certification Portfolios




 What is a Preceptor Certification Portfolio? 

The Preceptor Certification Portfolio (PCP) is a collection of all the materials you select or develop as you grow in your Preceptor Specialty roles and accountabilities. It includes information and examples of your education, experiences, and teaching and preceptoring activities relevant to demonstrating your mastery of preceptoring at one of three Preceptor Certification Levels.

Level 1 Basic Green                  Download the Green Application Now

Level 2 Intermediate Blue       Download the Blue Application Now

Level 3 Advanced Gold             Download the Gold Application Now  

Evidence of competency and proficiency need not be limited solely to preceptoring done in an academic or work setting, in a program, during orientation, or in transitioning an employee to a new role, for example. Certification based on a PCP is evidence of competence and proficiency in the specialization of preceptoring, not how or where you developed it. Simple completion of a course or recitation of information alone is not a strong enough evidence of mastery for certification. Portfolio development and evidences of mastery of core competencies in preceptoring provide a more complete assessment of achievement for certification at each Level of advancement.

Digital BadgeCerts for Certificants and AAPA Members!


AAPA has partnered with BadgeCert™ to ensure you are recognized for your accomplishments with BadgeCerts (digital badges), allowing you to fully showcase your ongoing professional commitment to yourself and to those you preceptor. Badges are a way for you to share your authenticated certification and verified credentials and experiences in a secure electronic format. Microcredentials for each category--education, presentations, publications, preceptorships, and service--are available for a nominal fee. There are no additional fees for certification and membership badges.

         BadgeCerts are portable digital icons that verify your professional credentials. They are embedded with qualifying information, or metadata, stored in a universal cloud-based portfolio, easily accessible and shared with others, e.g., employers, licensing boards, associations, and placed on digital resumes or CVs, email signatures, or social networks.

         Once you complete a category and earn a microcredential, achieve a certification, or become an AAPA member, a digital badge can be issued and an e-portfolio established for you. Certification and membership badges will be issued automatically. If you would also like to collect microcredentials, contact AAPA and identify those you would like to have added to your e-portfolio. An email with a link to your BadgeCert portfolio will be sent to you. It will include directions on how you can receive your badges, collect microcredentials, and share your badges with others.

Support materials for certifications: a Preceptor Certification Portfolio Handbook (click on the link below to download your copy); the Scope and Standards of Practice for Preceptor Advancement; and, the Core Curriculum for Preceptor Advancement. Check out our RESOURCES page for more information!


Download the Preceptor Certification Handbook

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