Diana Swihart, 
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, RN-BC, P-PCA, FAAN, is the Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Executive Officer for the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement, the only company advancing preceptors through standardization of education and practice, unique competencies and scope of practice, and portfolio-based certifications for Preceptor Specialists. She is changing the way nurses conceptualize and implement preceptorships through shared governance, transforming preceptoring into its own specialty practice by bringing together thought leaders in healthcare and education to build practice certifications for preceptors.

Dr. Swihart is also a Healthcare Strategist and Consulting Partner for the Forum for Shared Governance. Her advocacy activities with interprofessional colleagues continue to enhance the quality of nursing and healthcare in advancing Preceptor Specialists through the generation, synthesis, and dissemination of practice excellence, competence, and improved quality of care.

Dr. Swihart completed her doctorates at Trinity Theological Seminary and College of the Bible in New Mexico and Indiana and her Masters and Advanced Practice Clinical Specialist in Advanced Psych/Mental Health Nursing degrees at University of New Mexico. Her tools, processes, preceptor books, guidelines for preceptees, programs, and presentations have generated a renewed consciousness for connecting such innovations with professional, organizational, and clinical outcomes through research and shared governance. Nurses can now more easily gain administrative and fiscal support for implementing formal preceptorships and programs based on constructural and conceptual clarity across practice settings, thereby expanding their already significant roles and influence.

Solimar Figueroa,
Clinical Collaborations & Research

Solimar Figueroa, PhD, MSN, MHA, BSN, RN, P-PCA, brings 33 years of experience in her professional nursing practice. Now a Clinical Educator II, her practice emanated from the Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the United States. Dr. Figueroa’s experience includes the position of an operating room nurse, operating room in charge, director of nursing, chief nursing officer, assistant director of nursing, and clinical educator. She also serves continually as a preceptor specialist, a role that is very close to her heart.

Dr. Figueroa is a contributing author to Shared Governance, A Practical Approach to Transform Professional Nursing Practice, 2nd edition (2011), and co-author of The Preceptor Program Builder: Essential Tools for a Successful Preceptor Program (2014). Dr. Figueroa has done numerous poster and podium presentations nationally and internationally. Currently, she is facilitating the cultural shift of her organization’s competency assessment through a unit based competency approach utilizing the unit practice council and shared governance.

Currently, Dr. Figueroa is a clinical educator/preceptor liaison at Baptist Health South Florida in Miami, Florida. She is a primary researcher and author for Stabilizing and Retaining a Quality Nursing Workforce through the Use of the Married State Preceptorship Model. She presents nationally on the Married State Preceptorship Model, a one-on-one preceptoring model she developed for new nurses’ transitions in practice settings. Her model was published in The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. She serves as an ANCC appraiser and has her Masters in Nursing and Health Care Administration and her PhD in Nursing.