HISTORY: The AAPA began as a steering committee: the Preceptor Certification Steering Committee and evolved into the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement to better serve preceptors everywhere.

2016: AAPA celebrated the first cohort group of Preceptor Specialists certifications: Baptist Health South of Miami, Florida! CONGRATULATIONS!

We also advanced multiple opportunities to help members and Preceptor Specialists preparing for their portfolio-based certifications to obtain resources and to earn continuing education contact hours through various AAPA partners, i.e.,the Advanced Practice Provider Executives (APPex), HCPro, Inc., and OnCourse Learning.

AAPA partnered with BadgeCert to provide a way for Preceptor Specialists to share their authenticated certification and verified credentials and experiences in a secure electronic format, e.g., microcredentials for each category: education, presentations, publications, preceptorships, and service. The AAPA Preceptor Certification Handbook was updated with information on digital credentials (badges)--how they are earned and how they are shared.

2015: AAPA sponsored the Core Curriculum for Preceptor Advancement, the 1st Annotated Bibliography of more than 500 references (books, articles, letters, reports, and research papers) on preceptoring was developed and made available to all AAPA members! 

2014: The American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA) finalized a structure of current best practices for preceptor advancement and launched the Preceptor Certifications by Portfolio! AAPA also received feedback and comments from many of our peer reviewers and customers to sponsor an expanded edition of the Scope and Standards of Practice for Preceptor AdvancementIt was published on Amazon and made available everywhere!

2013: AAPA joined with thought leaders in education, healthcare, leadership, and multiple globally diverse fields of practice to do extensive research, host focus groups, and vet more than 40 iterations of a proposed structure for evidence-based,competency-based preceptor certification at three (3) levels of achievement: Level 1 Basic (Green, P-PC), Level 2 Intermediate (Blue, P-PCI), and Level 3 Advanced (Gold, P-PCA).

2012: The 1st edition of the Scope and Standards of Practice for Preceptor Advancement, sponsored by AAPA, was published and given to new members to introduce them to the specialty of preceptoring.

2011: First working conference for AAP sponsored by Baptist Health South Florida, Miami, Florida.Association structure reassessed based on input from participants in workshop and realignment with strategic plan.

2010: The American Association for Preceptors (AAP) established and managed by the Preceptor Certification Steering Committee. First drafts were developed for: (1) a Scope& Standards for Preceptors, (2) criteria for preceptor advancement were identified, and (3) content for a core curriculum to help preceptors review for certifications.

2009: The Preceptor Certification Steering Committee established. Volunteers from multiple disciplines in nursing, education, and regulatory agencies participated.